Although there are no reliable statistics, it is estimated that one of three women in the Kyrgyz Republic got married against their willing through bride kidnapping. The young wives were forced to marry a man who abducted them, in many cases a completely stranger man and often violently.


Coated erroneously as an ancient tradition, since the collapsed of the USSR, wedding by abduction have increased despite the efforts of activists, women, NGOs or even the government of Kyrgyzstan, one of the most modern in Central Asia, the vanguard of democracy and the first one of the region having a woman leading the country as President in 2010.



In 2011 the worst drought in 60 years squeezed the Horn of Africa and the famine reached 700.000 people in Somalia. Every day, more than 1.400 people were forced to moved along the desert, escaping from war and hunger.





Kuban Kurmanbekovich is a kyrgyz nomad shepherd. During the Winter, when it is not possible to spend the time up and down with the yurta in highness of the Tian Shan range, Kuban lives with his family in a humble house in Talastan.




Last year, more than 1,500 people died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, the deadly moat of Europe's fort. And in between, Malta, a tiny rocky island, which host the EU's highest rate of refugees. A bureaucratic trap for the survivors.



After months of being peaceful and puzzled witnesses of the collapse of their economy, Icelanders started vigorous protests. In January 2009, the Icelandic government was the first to be overthrown by the global crisis.



Around 13.000 children work daily inside the dark and dangerous mines of the Bolivia’s bowels, in extremely meager conditions. Abigaíl Canaviri, Efráin Espinosa o Fernando Pérez are some of them.



If the hell exists must be something similar to the ‘hamada’, a vast rocky, flat, burned and barren area of the Algerian desert. Here have lived for the last 36 years more than 200.000 refugees from Western Sahara.



In Urundayti, a Bolivian remote village, women started a revolution just kicking the ball. In the middle of poverty, marginality, and a very sexist society, they have been able to broke many taboos just by playing football.


In April 2009, the G20 meeting was celebrated in London in a crucial moment of the global crisis: bankruptcies, unemployment, cuts and no opportunities for youths. Protestors took the streets and the city of London.


Less than 5.000 people are the total population of Greenland’s East coast, it is a huge and narrow ledge of land at the edge of a vast ice desert. It is called by Inuit people: Tunu, the back.


An insider and very personal view of some of the 204 hours of non-stop party at Pamplona’s world-famous festival. Racket, music, chaos, action, excitement, tragedy and humour.


The Pyrenees are a terrible beast to tame for engineers and architects.This is the chronicle of a zigzagging trip crossing these mountains by rail from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean sea.




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